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Welcome, <insert name here>! Here are some basic rules of the wiki to get you started.

Keefe Sencen Idolization Wiki: Basic Rules and Guidelines

  1. Please don't vandalize pages. People have worked hard on them, and you have been given the privilege to work on them. Don't abuse it.
  2. No cursing. This wiki is also meant for users under the age of 13, and we want this site to be open to all users.
  3. Please do not discuss any mature romantic topics.
  4. Don't bully other users or insult them. This wiki is for Keefe, and Keefe wouldn't want that now, would he?
  5. Please do not sock puppet. If you are caught sockpuppeting, you will be banned immediately. You are only allowed to make another account if it is a roleplay account.
  6. Keep rude comments to yourself.

  1. Do not plagiarize others' work. If you do want to use an excerpt, please give credit to the original author, or the source you got it from.
  2. Since this is a Keefe Wiki, all fanfictions published here have to do with Keefe. If they don't, then you, as the author, will get a nudge. You will not get blocked or banned.
  3. If you would like to create your own fanfiction, please refer to this page: Help:Fanfiction

  1. For the Canon Character RPs, Keefe has to be present, or the main topic of discussion.
  2. For the Original Character RPs, the OC involved has to be related to Keefe.
  3. No killing other people's characters without their permission.
  4. Do not vandalize an RP account.
  5. See this page before making an RP account. Help:Roleplay
  6. See this page before starting your first RP. Help:Roleplay

  1. No inappropriate pictures.
  2. No mature romantic pictures on the Keefe Ship Fanart Page(s)
  3. All pictures have to have Keefe somewhere in them
  4. DO NOT steal art without credit. If you have taken it off of the internet, please reference the place where you found it from.
  5. Please reference this page before you upload any art: Help:Art

  1. You have to have a reason for everything that you say.
  2. Cite your sources, whether it be a book review site, or the actual book itself.
  3. Please reference this page before debating: Help:Debate
  4. Please use the debate templates on this page: Debate Templates

  1. If any of the rules in the other tabs are broken, then this is the system for punishment:
    1. Template:FirstWarning
    2. Template:SecondWarning
    3. Template:Block
    4. Template:Ban
  2. An explanation of the above:
    1. You get your first warning for your first rule break.
    2. You get your second warning for your second rule break.
    3. After 2 warnings, then you get blocked for a week.
    4. After multiple blocks and warnings, a user is to be banned.
  3. If Keefe is not included in any piece of work, then the main consequences system is not to be used. You are to receive a nudge from an admin.