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Ship Information Edit

Sophie and Keefe, Foster-Keefe, or Sokeefe, is a common pairing for both Keefe and Sophie. It is revealed to us that Keefe has had a long-lasting crush on Sophie in the Nightfall Exclusive Addition, yet she knows nothing of this. The main rival for this ship is Sophitz, possibly even more common amongst Keeper fans. Although her longtime crush on Fitz, Sophie may have developed some feelings for Keefe as their remarkable journey progresses, though we have yet to find out if, in the end, this ship will come out to win the Battle of KotLC ships!!!!!!!
Sophie and Keefe

History Together Edit

Book 1: Sophie and Keefe first met after a slight accident in Sophie's alchemy class. Keefe was constantly and relentlessly teasing Sophie.

Book 2 and 3: They started to stay together more often, and more trust was build between them. Keefe showed that he really cared about Sophie.

Book 4 and 5: Sophie started getting worried about Keefe's growing recklessness, but their relationship begins to strengthen. 

Book 6: Keefe admits that he likes Sophie in the Keefe Short Story, but Sophie is totally oblivious about this.

Other Names Edit

  • Sokeefe (So/phie and Keefe)
  • Kophie (K/eefe and S/ophie) *not a commonly used ship name*
  • Team Foster-Keefe (as named by Keefe)
  • Keephie (Kee/fe and So/phie) [Shannon Messenger’s name for it.)
  • Keefoster (as named by Keefe) (Kee/fe and Sophie Foster)
  • Seefe (K/eefe and S/ophie) *not a commonly used ship name*