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Welcome to the Roleplay Department!
TheBookQueen16 is the head of this department. This department is under the watch of ThoseWhoWanderAreNotLost. Please go to either if you have any questions.
Fill out Template:RP-Character-Form and send it to me to make a RP Character

Look at the Help:Roleplay for all your RP needs.

Check out Roleplay Destinations for places to RP.

All templates used for RP are in Roleplay Templates

Welcome to the {{{Sub-department Name}}} Sub-department!
[[User:{{{Manager}}}|{{{Manager}}}]] is the manager of this sub-department. TheBookQueen16 is the head of this department that this sub-department is under. This department is under the watch of ThoseWhoWanderAreNotLost. Please go to any of them if you have questions.
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Roleplay Help

For All Your RP Needs

  1. Do not make your character all powerful so they can destroy everyone else. To prevent this, a maximum of only 2 abilities per character is allowed. No special powers will be granted unless you have talked with Rizi213

  2. No swearing during RP. If an argument gets too heated, try your best to stop it. If one or more person is still yelling and fighting, report them to Rizi213

  3. A big problem is godmodding. Godmodding is when one controls other characters when in reality, it is up to the user to decide how their character reacts.

For example...

"Bob: Bob grabs the gem. He tosses it to Linda, who takes it and light-leaps away."
As you can see in this example, Bob controlled Linda's actions.
This action is not allowed in roleplay. If you do so, you will receive a nudge.

  1. To register your RP character, please message Rizi213 with your character's information in this template. After approval, you are permitted to create a page for your account, as shown for this RP character. The form must be on the character's page! Otherwise, there is no proof that you have gotten your character approved. So long as the form is on there, you may add whichever templates and extra information you may like.

  2. You may make an account for your RP character in addition to their page, but it isn't required. However, if you do choose to do this, make sure that the profile page is structured like this one, after which you may add whichever embellishments you may want. Also, the message wall greeting must have the user's word bubble template, with a short welcome message of your choice. The inbox template to use is {{RPUserInfobox}}. An example is on this page.

  3. To list your models or to reserve one, consult the User Model Registration. Please remember to follow the guidelines listed on that page. If you notice a user misusing this roleplay resource, report them to Rizi213.

  4. When creating a character, make sure that their history is at least five paragraphs long, each five to six sentences (even longer would be even better). Their personality must be at least two paragraphs long, each five to six sentences (longer would also be much appreciated). Please read this blog for more information.
  5. After completing registration, Rida or any other admin that you send the form to will tell you your character's universe. More information on universes in the next tab.

Some of you may have noticed that roleplay becomes problematic when characters of different generations and unrelated characters with the same parents have to roleplay together. Now, there is a solution to this problem: Roleplay Universes.
  • In a particular roleplay universe, there can be a maximum of 12 characters.
  • Each roleplay universe's characters should have the correct age for that roleplay.
  • A character can only roleplay with another character from that same universe.

This form is for RP Characters. Fill it out and send it to Rida

Roleplay Character Form

For {{{Full Name}}}

What To Do

Fill out this form and send it to Rizi213 (through message wall) to get your RP Character made and officially certified. Note: If the questions are not answered as in depth as needed,they will be sent back.


  1. Full Name

    {{{Full Name}}}

  2. Roleplayer


  3. Hair Colour

    {{{Hair Color}}}

  4. Eye Colour

    {{{Eye Color}}}

  5. Ability


  6. Family

    Mother = Unknown/None
    Father = Unknown/None
    Brother(s) = Unknown/None
    Sister(s) = Unknown/None

  7. Model


  8. History


  9. Personality


  10. Word Bubble