User Model Registration Edit

Here at the User Model Registration, users list models they have used for their roleplay characters in order to avoid inconveniences of two roleplay characters having the same model. Unless given explicit permission from an admin and/or the user using the model, you cannot share a model between two characters.

Guidelines Edit

Listing Models Edit

To list a model, press edit on this page and create a subheading titled your username or whatever nickname you want to use, as long as it is linked. Next, just list the model you are using and the character you are using the model for. Remember to link the roleplay character to their page!


Username (linked, subheading)

  1. (model name) - (character name, linked)

Reserving Models Edit

To reserve a model, list the model you want to reserve and the date you want to use it by. The date you have set must be only three weeks away from the original day you reserved it. If you pass the day you reserved the model by, you will be contacted by an admin who will ask you to take off the reservation. Once that happens, you cannot reserve it, but you are allowed to use it, you just won't have the privilege to reserve it again.


Username (linked, subheading)

  1. (list of used models and character)


  1. (model reserved) - (date reserved by)

Make sure to use this roleplaying resource wisely. If you are caught misusing it, admins will be forced to take proper actions. Thank you!

Used Models Edit

User Used Models Characters Used For Reserved Models DatetoUseBy
Vee Adelaide Kane April Elizabeth Fathdon Odeya Rush Roleplay/Characters/Myra Alyssa Sencen
Candy Annie Leblanc

Sara Legge

Talia Alora

Adrienne Lee-Song

Connor Franta December 7, 2018
Via Dove Cemron Sheffa Vacker lauren orlando