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For Sheffa Vacker

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  1. Full Name

    Sheffa Vacker

  2. Roleplayer


  3. Hair Colour


  4. Eye Colour

    bluish greenish

  5. Ability


  6. Family

    Mother = Sophie Foster (Vacker)
    Father = Fitzroy Avery Vacker
    Brother(s) = Drey Vacker
    Sister(s) = Unknown/None

  7. Model

    Dove Cameron

  8. History

    Sheffa Vacker is preatty girl in level 3 in foxfire. Sheffa is a guster which Sheffa thinks is the most useless ability out there and grieves the fact that her brother Drey got most of the good looks and the telepathy. Being a Vacker isn't easy Sheffa is constantly kept on her toes trying to keep the vacker legacy in place but having golden parents-Sophie Foster - and Fitz Vacker, and a golden brother adds loads to Sheffa.

One faithful day Sheffa, comes home after a modeling job and finds her parents in pure distress. Her older brother Drey is missing. Utterly confused Sheffa continues with her day. She finds a note that changes everything changes her, changes her whole perspective on her life. Her parents in no shape to help some 13 year old girl find he brother. They have other parents and do not have inst rest in a little note. Sheffa only help is her best friend Lasi Vakcer- her cousin and her mysterouas talking mirror Vertina. Sheffa believes Vertina is a key component but unfortunately all Vertina is interested in is how Sheffa styles her hair. To top it all off Sheffa was offerd a modeling job, in Atlantis for the famous magazine- The Central . Sheffa know for her unusual colored eyes - after that Sheffa was offered a other job this time for a fashion line. The Jobs continued coming and coming and the foxfire work was just getting harder and harder. To top it all of distresses parents , and the neveeressen coming to power-haunting her mother and father-of old problems and secrets. And worse of all no older brother to drive Sheffa crazy-and the fear that he have might joined the never seen himself. Will Sheffa -crack under pressure-or will she find a balance and save her brother?

  1. Personality

    Sheffa quite girl,living in Sache her family's house through keeping up the vacker legacy and school work and keeping up with an annoying brother Sheffa has her hands full very often so she often doesn't have time for other things. The one thing Sheffa loves to do in her rare free time is read and draw .Sheffa loves color and pretty things. She always makes sure shes comfy and pretty and styles her hair in a usual top not or down on a regular foxfire day.

Sheffa has an artiest eye and notices details. She loves pretty things and is pretty smart, and got the photographic memory from her mom. She sort of shy around people but around her best friend Lasi, she is witty and smart.

  1. Word Bubble


Sheffa Vacker »» Heir to the throne »» model student

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