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Roleplay Character Form

For Rebecca Gracie Sencen

What To Do

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  1. Full Name

    Rebecca Gracie Sencen

  2. Roleplayer


  3. Hair Colour

    Golden Blonde

  4. Eye Colour

    Ice Blue with Gold/Brown flecks

  5. Ability

    Telepath, Empath

  6. Family

    Mother = Sophie Sencen
    Father = Keefe Sencen
    Brother(s) = Chase Sencen
    Sister(s) = Myra Sencen

  7. Model

    Chloe Mortez

  8. History

    When Becka and Myra were younger, Becka was always the smart one who never got into trouble while Myra acted more like Keefe did. When the twins were in Level 2, Becka pulled a prank that backfired, causing the Golden Tower to explode. Myra took the blame for her sister, which led to a whole chain of events which, in the end, brought the twins closer together, even though they are more prone to get into fights and arguments now. Now Becka is still the same perfect little girl and Myra is still the same troublemaker, but they have both grown from the incident.

  9. Personality


  10. Word Bubble

Becka Sencen »» Little Miss Perfect »» Shy Genius

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