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Roleplay Character Form

For April Elizabeth Fathdon

What To Do

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  1. Full Name

    April Elizabeth Fathdon

  2. Roleplayer


  3. Hair Colour

    Dark Brown

  4. Eye Colour

    Light Teal

  5. Ability


  6. Family

    Mother = Mary Fathdon
    Father = Jerry Fathdon
    Brother(s) = Unknown/None
    Sister(s) = Melissa Fathdon - Younger Sister, Mariah Fathdon - Elder Sister

  7. Model

    Adelaide Kane

  8. History

    April's uncle,Kenric Fathdon,died when she was very young. Because of this, she has a fear of Everblaze.Her family still grieves after the loss, since the Fathdons were very close. April's gusting power is legendary, and she is known for whipping people away with wind when she is mad at them.She is very nice,but hard to get close to because of her status.Her family forbids her from dating anyone due to her elder sister running off with her lover when her parents didnt approve the marriage.

  9. Personality


  10. Word Bubble

April Fathdon »» Famous Guster »» Poor Litle Rich Girl

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