This form is for RP Characters. Fill it out and send it to Rida

Roleplay Character Form

For Alexa Dianne Vacker

What To Do

Fill out this form and send it to Rizi213 (through message wall) to get your RP Character made and officially certified. Note: If the questions are not answered as in depth as needed,they will be sent back.


  1. Full Name

    Alexa Dianne Vacker

  2. Roleplayer


  3. Hair Colour

    {{{Hair Color}}}

  4. Eye Colour

    {{{Eye Color}}}

  5. Ability


  6. Family

    Mother = Unknown/None
    Father = Unknown/None
    Brother(s) = Unknown/None
    Sister(s) = Unknown/None

  7. Model


  8. History


  9. Personality


  10. Word Bubble