How to make a roleplay character

  1. To register your RP character, please message Rizi213 with your character's information in this template. After approval, you are permitted to create a page for your account, as shown for this RP character. The form must be on the character's page! Otherwise, there is no proof that you have gotten your character approved. So long as the form is on there, you may add whichever templates and extra information you may like.

  2. You may make an account for your RP character in addition to their page, but it isn't required. However, if you do choose to do this, make sure that the profile page is structured like this one, after which you may add whichever embellishments you may want. Also, the message wall greeting must have the user's word bubble template, with a short welcome message of your choice. The inbox template to use is {{RPUserInfobox}}. An example is on this page.

  3. To list your models or to reserve one, consult the User Model Registration. Please remember to follow the guidelines listed on that page. If you notice a user misusing this roleplay resource, report them to Rizi213.

  4. When creating a character, make sure that their history is at least five paragraphs long, each five to six sentences (even longer would be even better). Their personality must be at least two paragraphs long, each five to six sentences (longer would also be much appreciated). Please read this blog for more information.
  5. After completing registration, Rida or any other admin that you send the form to will tell you your character's universe. More information on universes in the next tab.

Original Characters (click here to view characters)

Roleplay Universes

The Alicorn Universe
All of the characters in the generation after Keefe are in the Alicorn Universe.
The Imp Universe
All of the characters two generations after Keefe and the gang are in the Imp Universe.
The Moonlark Universe
All of the other characters in the future are in the Moonlark Universe.