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Lady Gisela is the wife of Lord Cassius Sencen[1] and the mother of Keefe Sencen[2]. As of Book 3, she is also recognized as a member of the Neverseen.


  1. Lord Cassius Sencen is the husband of Lady Gisela Sencen and the father of Keefe Sencen. Once believed to be a member of the Neverseen, Lord Cassius has had a rocky relationship with his son, which he tries to fix in books 5-6. Lord Cassius also wants to become a member of the Black Swan, but his requests have been denied by his son and many other members.
  2. Keefe Sencen. The one character nobody can ever fully understand, nor can they predict his next move. The Keefe Sencen Idolization Wiki is the hub for all-things-Keefe, and for fans to discuss Keefe-related topics. Accepted contributions include Fanfictions, Art, Role-play, Debate, and Miscellaneous Information, as long as they all have to do with Keefe, the character we all know and love.