Tam's POV

Who is calling me at 3 o'clock in the morning. Ugh it's Keefe.

"What do you want at 3 o'clock in the morning Keefe"

"This is Amy. Sophie got kidnapped and Keefe's knocked out. Please help."

"WHAT!" I shout. Amy looks like she's on the verge of tears.

"Will you help?" She asks.

"Of course. Let me get Linh and Mr. Forkle." I say rushing out of bed.

"Is it okay if I don't hang up. I want you to know if anything happens"

"Yeah of course" I say desperate to get untangled from my blanket. When I get up I run to Linh's room.

"Linh wake up Sophie's kidnapped. Let's go."


"Just meet me outside."

As I look for Mr. Forkle I see a gnome.

"Can you get Mr. Forkle NOW!" I say. I scared the poor thing away. I see Mr. Forkle behind her.

"What happened." He asks concerned. 

"Sophie's kidnapped. We have to go now."

"WAIT SHE'S KIDNAPPED!" Mr. Forkle screams.

"Yes now follow me." He starts following me to Linh. We leap to Havenfield and run to Sophie's room I find Amy sobbing on the floor. Keefe looks knocked out. As much as I hate him I feel bad. He's going to be so broken when he wakes up.

"It was Neverseen" Mr. Forkle says. 

"I searched Amy's memories and it was Neverseen. She hasn't transmitted to me so I'm going to search Fitz's mind."

A minute later he starts shaking his head.

"No she hasn't transmitted to either of us."

"Can't you track her down?" I ask. 

"I doubt it, but I'll try."

"Wait I found her. She's in London."

"Are we going to get her or not."

"We should wait until this morning."

"Fine" I sigh

"Who's going to tell Keefe when he wakes up?" Linh asks

"We should probably take him to Elwin to make sure he's okay" Mr. Forkle says.

"I can use my telekinesis" I offer. 

"If you can that would be wonderful."

I lift him up as we leap away.