(Makeover images to the right)

Sophie's POV

Biana drags me and Linh into her room and makes us her sit on her bed.

"Alright Linh you're up first'" Biana says. As she puts makeup on Linh we talk.

"So Sophie how is your love life?"

"Really good actually. How yours?"

"Ours is good to. We recently went on our first date. That's a really pretty bracelet Sophie." Biana said pointing to the bracelet that Keefe gave me.


"Where'd you get it from?" She asked.

"Keefe gave it to me yesterday for my birthday."

"Wait he remembered. Did you even remember?"

"No" I admit.

"He really cares about you Sophie. More than anyone else could."

"Weren't we talking about your love life." I say.

"Oh ya. Linh it's your turn. How's your love life?" Linh smiles a big smile.

"It's pretty good. Fitz is so sweet." 

We continue to talk about our love lives while Biana gives us makeovers In the end I'm in a burgundy dress, red lip,a smoky eye, and my hair is in a complicated weave thing.