Sophie's POV


I was over at Everglen having a fun girls day with Biana. We eventually got bored and decided to play truth or dare.

"Truth or dare" Biana said.

"Dare" I say. I mean it can't be that bad.

"Okay then I dare you to let me give you a full blown makeover and then you have to show Fitz."


"That's not fair. That's 2 parter, a makeover and I have to show Fitz."

" Fine then I have to give you a makeover."

"Ugh fine." why was my life so miserable

"Yay" Biana squealed.

After she was done I was wearing a periwinkle dress with lilac heels, and blue eyeshadow with a hot pink lip. 

I also forgot to mention she did my hair in a curly half up half down. 

After my misery was over it was Biana's turn.

"Truth or dare"

"Truth" she said. 

"Okay truthfully tell me your crush"

She turned bright red and hit me with a huge wave of panic and embarrassment. Wait how did I know? Was I an Empath? I started panicking and then everything went black.

                                                                               Biana POV 

Sophie asked me who I had a crush on. Then I began to panic. I was about to answer when I saw that Sophie was confused. The next second she fainted.

"Sophie can you hear me? Sophie!" 

Nothing she wouldn't move or anything. I screamed. Fitz and Keefe came running in my room.

"What happened" Fitz asked

"Call Elwin now!" I screamed.

"Why what happened?" Keefe and Fitz asked at the same time.

I motioned to Sophie

Fitz immediately pulled out his imparter and called Elwin.

Keefe rushed over to Sophie trying to get her to wake up. 

Nothing worked. Finally Elwin came.

                                                                       Keefe's POV 

Elwin got straight to work trying to get Sophie to wake up. He poured a dozen elixirs down her throat. I was heartbroken seeing Sophie so limp. Why was it always Foster why? We decided to have Fitz enter her mind to see what was wrong since the elixirs weren't working. Thankfully she wasn't blocking him. 287, 288, 289, 290 then we heard him  start crying.

"What's wrong" I immediately said.

"It's broken."

"What is?" me and Biana shouted at the same time. He didn't answer. Wait no it can't be?

"Her mind?" I finally said. He nodded.

"No that's not possible she's Sophie Foster." I protested.

"Ya" Biana said. 

"We should ask Forkle since he made her" I say.

"Ok" they both say in unison. 

"Wait where's Sandor" Fitz asks.

"He's over at Havenfield with Edaline and Grady, which reminds me we should probably tell dad." Biana says.

"Ok I'll tell Forkle, Fitz you tell Alden, and Biana you tell Edaline and Grady. Sound like a plan" they both nod. 

"Okay then let's get going"