Chapter 1:

Sheffa pulled on her level 3 uniform and sat by her mirror and brushed her perfect wavy blonde hair. She pulled it in a tight ponytail grabbed her satchel from her hook and headed downstairs. Hello sweetie good morning my mom said as she busied her self in the kitchen.  Sheffa plopped down on a chair and began eating her breakfast.were dad Sheffa asked between bite fulls of breakfast.Oh he had to go to work erly. Oh Sheffa said. Her dad worked with the council. You better get going Sheffa skl going to start soon! Ya i should sheffa got up and went to the leapmaster foxfire she yelled as the light raped around her and she was tranforemd to the colerfull grounds of foxfire. Sheffa sighed as she headed in to the building for morning orintaton. Good Morning Prodigies Magnate Leto said his shrill voice echoed across the hall. Magnate Leto drowned on about morning announcements then dismissed them all to there classes. Sheffa sighed and headed to Multispeciesial Studies nad ploped down in a chair in the back and took out her books. Hello Class Lady Anwen said with a bright smile lets begin shall we! All the way in the back of the classroom Sheffa sighed to her self this is going to be a borrrrrrriiiiinnngggg and LONNNGGGG day