Keefe Fanfictions/Original Characters/The Golden Road

By Rararobin14

Main Charecter:Sheffa Vacker (roleplay: Roleplay/Characters/Sheffa Vacker)




Sheffa Vacker is quite girl in level 3 in foxfire. Sheffa is a Froster which Sheffa thinks is the most useless abiletey out there and grieves the fact that her brother Drey got most of the good looks and the telepathy. Being a Vacker isn't easy Sheffa is constantly kept on her toes trying to keep the vacker legacy in place but having golden parents and a golden brother adds loads to Sheffa. But when Sheffa is offerd a modeling job in Atlantis everything changes some for the good and some for the not so good.

The Golden Road is an ongoing fan fiction! Please follow this page if you would like updates on its status. Rararobin14 is the author, so please message them if you have any questions!