Chapter 2 Edit

Reacap: "It's just....."

"...I had this dream last night where the Neverseen was back and they kiddnapped both of us. Then to torture they killed you, but when they killed you I was holding you exactly like this." Sophie says trembling with terror.

"Wait what. That's not a coincidence. I had the same dream except they tortured by killing you exactly how I was holding you" Keefe said very confused.

"Ok that is really odd. Let me show you my dream and I'll see yours to. Sound like a plan?" Sophie asked

"I guess" Keefe says

Time skip to when they're done

"I don't know about you but those looked exactly the same except that you died in my dream and I died in your dream" Keefe says.

"What's wrong Foster?" Keefe asked when he saw how pale Sophie was.

"No that can't be" Sophie said shaking her head violently. "No. No that's not possible" Sophie said going limp in Keefe's arms.