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Home Base for all Debates
Head of Department: Bea
Basic Info

Here on the Keefe Sencen wiki, we make debating an available option. With three different types, being Team, Solo, and Duos. For explicate details, please make your way to the pages for those types. For a brief overview, feel free to move to the next tab.

Solo debates are 1 vs 1. The respective debate styles are Lincoln-Douglas and Spontaneous Argumentation. Both are valid forms on this wiki. Spontaneous Argumentation is where a random topic regarding Keeper, or better yet, Keefe Sencen is selected. One party is on proposition, meaning they agree with the resolution at hand. The other is on Opposition, meaning they disagree with the resolution. Both parties get a few minutes to prep, than they are to present. Being the resolution does not require a significant amount of research, this style mostly focuses on presentation.

For example, if the resolution at hand is, "Keefe Sencen has the best hair." Proposition would be debating in favour of this, and opposition would be debating against it.

Lincoln-Douglas debates were 7 debates between Abraham Lincoln, and Stephen A. Douglas. They regarded slavery and states' rights, along with other implements that influence current political discourse. This style consists of a pattern of 6-3-7-3-4-6-3 minutes to debate in favour of each side, with proposition starting. The time frame typically rounds up to 45 minutes. Read the details of this style of debates here.